Bowie on podium with batonAbout Luke

IMG_1583Luke Wright is the catalyst that brings about the required change needed for success. With energy and home hitting stories that resonate with his audiences he instantly builds a connection. With that connection Luke is able to take his audience where they already wanted to go, but may have struggled in doing so alone.

His strong focus on pursuing ones passion and purpose and disabling excuses enables him to empower individuals who then become more effective participants and contributors to their groups and organizations.

From start to finish Luke brings the energy that will keep your audience focused and wanting more.

As a member of the John Maxwell Team he capitalizes on his 20 plus years as an enlisted and United States Marine Corps officer to also speak and coach on leadership.  His stories will paint descriptive pictures you can reach out and touch and automatically relate to.  His insight and knowledge will give your audience the tools to make the changes you want in order to create the success you require.

This experienced Toastmaster and humorous speech contest winner will make your audience laugh while he weaves in lessons and tools, which will empower them to take charge and bring about the change that will began to create the life they truly want for themselves.

Individuals, groups, businesses, large corporations and organizations all want to be happy by creating success through the achievement of their goals. Luke Wright brings the messages that initiate that end-state.

Success is a choice that our excuses are not willing to make. However stepping off toward and building on success is something you will achieve with the Luke Wright experience.  Luke motivates!


  • TLC Coaching and Leadership Development
  • Barbara Gustavson Discovery Next Step
  • Coach L.A (Lance Waterman)
  • Toastmasters
  • John Maxwell Team

Clients served and/or working with:

  • Bowie State University
  • Highland County Schools
  • Defense Intelligence Agency
  • The Foundation Center, Washington D.C
  • Blacks in Government, Benjamin Banneker Chapter
  • Mary Harris “Mother” Jones Elementary


  • 2017 Certificate of Appreciation from Baltimore County Council
  • 2017 Maryland General Assembly Official Citation
  • 2013 Area 29 Toastmaster Humorous Speech contest winner
  • 2014 District Toastmaster Humorous Speech 1st place Contest winner
  • Numerous best speak Toastmaster club ribbons.

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