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Luke Wright is an amazing high energy speaker. Luke delivers a positive motivational message in a fun and engaging way everyone will love. I fully enjoyed his presentation and am looking forward to his next event. If your serious about taking your leadership to the next level, I would encourage you attend one of Luke’s events

Mike T. Lightner, President & Owner

Luke's energy for creating success is contagious. His own experience is a gift to those he coaches and consults. As a participant in his leadership webinars, I have been challenged to push past fears and take action. Thank you, Luke…you truly do motivate!

Melissa C Garcia
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Luke is one great speaker. His enthusiasm & passion for motivating others is truly inspiring. Not to mention, Luke has the ability to entertain an audience. Watching Luke speak has truly helped me to better myself as a speaker.

Dominique Brightmon, Speaker & Librarian
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First and foremost, Luke is a veteran and for that, I thank you for your service. If you know Luke, you already have met a man of honor and sincerity. Luke brings to the stage a great story of leadership and valor. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Luke through a webinar over several weeks and his knowledge and thought provoking questions encourage and enhance you and your own feelings for understanding. He presents his message with humor, honesty and sincerity. Luke is certainly a man that can present a great message for you and your personal development.

Harold Hinsley, PhD
Retired School Administrator
President of The INFINITY Performance Group
Garland, Texas

Dr. Harold Hinsley

Watching Luke motivate and inspire future leaders is amazing! He has such a knack for keeping them engaged and attentive, wanting to learn more. He is clear, articulate, engaging and takes complex topics, breaking them down in a way that the kids understand and relate to. The bonus - he also grabbed in all the adults in the room the same way!

Tina Greenlee

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