The Wright Thought

On Jan 15th in Downtown Fredericksburg, Virginia at the Marriott , Luke Wright and a team of experienced speakers and coaches will present a empowering half day workshop based on the best selling book .15 Invaluable Laws of Growth  by the number one leadership guru John Maxwell. Do not miss this event. Click on the book title to get your ticket. Breakfast and lunch is included in this growth and value added event.

The Wright Thought book by water

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Are you struggling just a bit to get out of that mental rut ? Are your current thoughts not leading to action ?  Are your thoughts leading you to spinning in circles in you situation, instead of up and out toward your goal ?

Luke just released his first book called The Wright Thought.  It is an impactful book that assists the winner in you with thoughts that create a winning edge.  These thoughts leads to actions that create change that enable us to leave our situation and begin our successful journey.

You have been looking for that insight, those empowering words, that recipe, and that acknowledgement that you have what it takes. You will find it all in The Wright Thought.

It is available on Amazon in book and kindle version. GET IT TODAY. The winner in you wants this book.

Amazon link to purchase The Wright Thought


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