Most people leave organizations or stop giving their all because they don’t feel valued or respected. Labor is the most expensive cost for a business. When people feel respected they respond well. When people have value added to them they add value an to organization.

Luke is the value adding man. He loves working with leaders and organizations who are growth oriented.

Bowie on podiumBIG lunch and learn Speaking-  Invite Luke to your venue or organization to present a powerful and entertaining message. Book him to connect with your audience to begin bringing about the transformation you are looking for.

Keynotes- Are you having an event that requires a speaker that is dynamic, entertaining, energetic, passionate and will connect with your audience ?  Book Luke ahead of time to make a long lasting impression on your attendees.  Your guest want a reason to return, a moment to remember and you want them to relay their experience to others as not only a recommendation, but a must attend. Book Luke if this is your end state.

Lunch and Learns- Are you seeking to increase your influence and improve  effectiveness of your team and/ or oganization ? Would you like to empower them with some strategic and proven knowledge that will contribute to the success of your organization ? If you are interested invite Luke to your organization to provide a Lunch and Learn. Ask how you can get a complimentary lunch and learn session.

Webinars and Seminars- Are you ready for development and growth? If we are not growing we are simply existing. Experience the growth you have been looking for as you participate in any one of the powerful webinars or workshops with Luke.  Exciting sessions such as “How to Be a REAL Success” , “The 15 Laws of Growth” “Everybody Communicates Few Connect”, or “Leadership Gold”.

Coaching-  Have you been trying to get there alone ? Are you struggling to obtain your goals ?  The people you admire didn’t get there alone. The people who are continuously successful and are subject of the conversation of so many didn’t do alone either. If you want to get there coaching is what you are looking for. Connect with Luke if you are ready to create the momentum and be on your way to that goal you are so passionate about. Today is the day.

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